PEGAS CrafTap Smart

Part No 151000

The first automatic beer filler in industry!

Is a unique smart device for fast beer dispensing into glass, ceramic, stainless steel growlers and beer mugs.
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PEGAS CrafTap Smart

The Pegas CrafTap Smart is an Automated counter pressure growler/bottle filling system for Breweries, Bottle Shops, Specialty Retailers, Grocery Stores, and Convenience Stores.

With an on board computer, 3 separate pre-measured dispense sizes available, with the Pegas CraftPad Smart 6 line manifold, this is by far the most advanced growler filling solution in the industry.


  1. Automatic beer filler - optimisation of staff time

  2. Easy button programmimg: volume, speed, CO2 release

  3. Compartible with glass, metal, stainless steel growlers

  4. Fills growlers via mobile app PEGAS Remote

  5. Little space for installation

  6. Fills up to 6 beer lines with PEGAS CraftPad Smart

Pegas CrafTap Smart
Innovative automatic beer filler
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Technical Data

Filler requirements

Filling capacity depends on temperature, beer quality, and operator experience

45-120 L/h
CO2 pressure to keg
2-3 bar
CO2 Flow
rate to create counter pressure
2-3 bar
Power Output

100-240 V

50-60 Hz

0.5 Amps

Power Cord Length 1.80 m


Device Nett Weight

12 kg

Device Gross Weight 13 kg

Bottles requirements

• Height: 217 – 330 mm
• Max. outside diameter (including the size of the bottle handle) – 165 mm
• Outside diameter of the bottle neck 26 – 57 mm
• min. inside diameter of the bottle neck - 17 mm
The bottle must be clean, without smell, glass chips, cracks, sharp edges, glass bubbles and other defects and it must with stand the pressure 5 bar.
Please check it with your bottle manufacturer or supplier.

Required hoses

• 3 pcs of a hose John Guest type for connection of beer, CO2 and drainage lines. External diameter 3/8 inches.
Alternative: beer hoses, extern. diam. 12 mm, intern.diam. 7 mm, clamps.
• 1 pc of a hose John Guest type for connection of the body drainage outlet. Exter. diam. ½ inches.
Alternative: beer hoses, extern. diam. 12 mm, intern. diam. 7 mm.clamps.


PEGAS CrafTap Smart